Suitable is a story for all women who shun being defined by archaic labels and rigid beliefs about womanhood and femininity. At its core, this film tackles issues of sexuality, gender and the realities young, black women face as they come-of-age in modern society.

Now, more than ever, young women face unimaginable scrutiny. They are constantly bombarded with images of harshly curated symbols of femininity. The lead character in Suitable is a non- gender-conforming girl whose everyday appearance relies on a traditionally male or masculine presentation. This leads to assumptions about her sexuality and diminishes her worth as a woman to her peers in school.

Despite this, she chooses to challenge the norms while carving out a somewhat lonely space in this universe to call her own. With this film, I hope to challenge audiences to look beyond the surface and expand their beliefs, value systems and understanding of gender and sexual representation.

As a filmmaker, I am painfully aware of how many young black women struggle to be seen, accepted, loved and understood. My mission is to make films that speak to their journeys and celebrate these uniquely beautiful stories.

- Thembi Banks, Director

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Directed by: Thembi Banks